Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Things (aka Today I'm Bored)

Today I'm not at school (here in Italy today is Liberation Day), so this is a good day to make a blog post. This is not about a specific topic, just some random things I want to share with you.

Records and Record Store Day

I spent the morning listening to two records I bought yesterday. The first one was The Next Day, David Bowie's new album. I didn't expect it to be so great! If you don't have it, you should really buy it.

I also listened to P.F.M. Live in USA: it's an album by an Italian progressive rock band called Premiata Forneria Marconi. Every track is simply amazing! You really should listen to it, so here are a few tracks:

Four Holes in the Ground

Dove... Quando...


Here's the complete album:

Last Saturday I went to the record store to celebrate Record Store Day. I pre-ordered two records: Remember (Walking In The Sand) by the Shangri-Las and There Are But Four Small Faces, but when I got to the store, they told me that they had not arrived yet! I'm still waiting...
Apart from it, the RSD was very good: I saw a concert, had a look at all the LPs (and wanted to buy them all), bought two records and had a delicious ice cream.

Books and Autobiographies

My Dad bought me Neil Young's autobiography. I've read 250 pages so far. It's pretty good if you can go through the first 80/100 pages, in which he writes about his cars and other things that are not very interesting. When I finish reading it, I'll post a review.

My father also bought Who I Am, Pete Townshend's autobiography. The problem is that he bought it while he was in France and so it is written in French! And I stopped studying French two years ago... 

I'm also going to read Catherine James' autobiography, Dandelion: Memoir of a Free Spirit. But since it is not a big book and it is written in English, I think I'm going to read it this summer when I go to Ireland for a study holiday. I'll also write a review for it and a post about Catherine's life.

My New Parka

I've been looking for a parka for ages. And last month I found it! I had to go to a shop to return a dress I didn't like and while I was having a look I found this parka. It didn't cost much (70€) so I bought it and personalized it with a lot of badges and the Mod target my friend Anna made for me. 


Some weeks ago I was bored, but then I remembered that I had a lot of printed pictures of Linda McCartney, so I cut and glued them on an old box. 

This is the digital version of a collage featuring the models represented in some of my favourite Pre-Raphaelite paintings.


  1. i love Pre-Raphaelites, pretty collage!
    listening to music and doing creative things is a nice way to spend a spring vacation ;>

    [my weirdoland -]

  2. I'm absolutely in love with Pre-Raphaelite art! - I like the parka, by the way, you made a good choice.

    You've a new follower! x

  3. Hi, Francesca! I'm in "Shangri-La" now that you have decided to follow my blog. I greatly appreciate your support and look forward to becoming good friends with you.

    It amazes me how many young people today are doing what I loved to do in my youth - hang out in record stores and sift through bins searching for great sounds and bargains. When the digital age arrived it seemed like records and turntables would become forgotten relics of the past. I never expected to see the day when vinyl fever would once again be pandemic as it is now.

    Thank you again for joining SDM&M, dear Francesca, and have a great week!