Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Who: Live in Amsterdam 5th July 2013

I still have to realize it, but guess what? Last month I went to Amsterdam and saw the Who in concert!!! That was the best night of my life, the show was wonderful and so were Roger and Pete!!
So now I guess my life is complete, but I wish I could go to another Who concert. Love Post concert depression reign o'er me now :'(
These are two of the four photos I took, I didn't post the others because they were awful. Also, I decided to focus on the show, so I didn't take more pictures.
Pete said that a DVD of the concert will be released, so I'm very excited and can't wait to get my own copy!

If you want to see some great pictures of the concert, have a look at this set on Flickr!


  1. Such fun! The boys never came anywhere near me so I never got a chance to see them. Good to know they're still putting on a good show!

  2. I love The Who, so much. Their music makes me feel so alive! I've been so lucky this year- I've seen them twice.

    And then just over three weeks ago I met Roger! ❤️ He hugged me! 😍

    1. Awesome!! Saw them twice last year in London!!

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