Thursday, March 28, 2013

An Evening with Buster Keaton

Sherlock Jr.
About ten days ago I went with my mother to this wonderful soiree dedicated to Buster Keaton. Two of his films were showed, but the most amazing thing about it was that my music school's ensemble played during the movie. The music was really good, I think it was better than the original one, and it was composed by a musician from my town.

The first film was Sherlock Jr. It is about a young projectionist who wants to become a detective. He's in love with a girl, but he has a rival, who steals the girl's father's pocket watch. He makes the girl's parents believe that the projectionist stole it, so the boy is chased.
While showing a film, he falls asleep and dreams to enter the film, where the actors are replaced by his acquaintances. He becomes the detective who has to solve the crime...

The second one was Neighbors. Two young lovers send each other love notes but their parents, who are at odds, find out their relationship. The two of them want to get married but their families and many complications oppose their attempt to tie the knot...

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  1. Hey Francesca! Haven't seen a post from you for a while, so it's nice to know you're still alive, haha!

    1. Hi Annie! Yes, I'm still alive :D !

      I didn't write a good post in the last two months because I didn't have enough time (I usually finish studying at 9/10 PM, then the only thing I want to do is sleep...) and I had some sort of blogger's block. But I miss the good old blog, and I have two ideas for some posts, so I'm back.

      One of these days I'll write some comments on your blog. I read you previous articles and wanted to post a comment, but as I said before, I didn't have enough time. I'm really sorry!