Friday, July 20, 2012

Patti Smith: Live in Bologna 15th July 2012

Last Sunday I went to Bologna to see Patti Smith's concert, and she was as amazing as she's always been. Unfortunately she sang only three songs of Banga, her new album: April Fool, Fuji-San and Maria. I was sorry she didn't play Amerigo, which is one of my favorite Banga's songs. But if you get a chance, you should really go to one of her concerts, because this lady really rocks!
Here are some videos...


  1. Hello dear!

    I clicked on your link because I saw your profile image (love love love Catherine James!) and I like what's going on here! I'm especially partial to this post because I just saw Patti earlier this summer in NYC and haven't quite gotten over the amazingness of it! It was the first time she played Banga in front of an audience (before the album's release) and they messed up on a bunch of songs, but it was amazing in its imperfections. Love Amerigo, though I do have quite a soft spot for April Fool as well :)

    Alexis Xx

    1. Hi Alexis! It's a honor for me to see your comment on my blog (yours is fabulous)!
      yeah, there were many imperfections at that concert too (sometimes the amplifiers didn't work very well regrettably for our ears), but it was an amazing concert even so.
      I like April Fool too, it's a very nice song, though i love the whole album. i bought it in LA last month, i didn't listen to any preview but when i finished listening to it i was like "wow"!
      i'm also reading "just kids": it's a great book, i love how Patti descibes the people, the facts and her life with Robert. Have you read it too?

    2. Thanks so much Francesca-that's very nice of you to say! Sometimes I prefer imperfections when I see shows, you know? I'm always suspicious when I see a super-slick mega concert because it doesn't seem ... I don't know, as genuine or meaningful - like there's no connection established with the artist.
      JUST KIDS IS AMAZINGGGG. Seriously one of the most beautiful books I've ever read.

    3. i agree, imperfections make a concert more real

  2. Wow! I would love to see Patti in concert! Lucky you!

  3. I'm watching your videos and I'm so jealous...ugh Patti is my queen