Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mrs Who Foxy Lady: Heather Taylor

Here's my favourite rock'n'roll woman: Heather Taylor aka Mrs. Who or Foxy Lady, second wife of Roger Daltrey of the Who, who call her his "Jolly Green Giant". I know she's not as famous as other Sixties girls, but I saw that there aren't so many people that talk about her on the net, so I decided to post her biography. If you want to reblog it, no problem, but please always cite this blog as the original source. You know, I spent many months looking for information about Heather. Anyway, I'm happy to share her biography with you and hope you'll enjoy it.

EDIT: Since I found pretty much information about Heather, I created a website about her where you can find much more info. Click here to visit it.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

(You Never Forget Your) First Post!

Hi everyone! Finally after many delays I decided to make this blog about the fabulous Sixties. I've always wanted to live in that decade but from this point of view I've been unlucky. With this blog I want to bring the Sixties back to life. So, if you're Sixties lovers I hope you'll enjoy my blog.